Sunday, July 31, 2011

My dirty little secret..not for the squeamish

This is my sewing room! I know I cleaned and organized it not too long ago, so when did the cyclone hit it???? I have been so focused on getting some projects done, that apparently I had turned a blind eye to just how BAD this room had gotten. No wonder I feel so scattered and fragmented!! Who could work in a room that is so out of control? I do have a lot on my plate already today, but I have decided to work on one section of the sewing room each day until it is under control. Some accountability works wonders for motivation...especially when I have a great idea for a top that I would rather be working on! lol

Each time I clean up a section, I will show the before and after pics. Sigh..not really thrilled with showing you all what a slobby quilter I am, but hey...that's me


  1. after what I went through with my attic revamp -this looks clean to me!! :-) Now they are redoing my roof... just hope it does not mess up my attic!!!!!!!!! I know what you mean about working in a cleaner space - it is so much nicer!

  2. I go through cycles, sometimes I cut, others i sew, rarely do I clean- lol

  3. Compared to my sewing/craft room right now, yours looks organized. Mine looks like a plastic bag factory exploded. :)