Thursday, June 10, 2010

Barn Raising done!

Yay!! Got this all quilted today and the binding is machine stitched on. I just stitched in the ditch around all the diamonds on point and along the borders. It really quilted up very quickly. It ends up at 78"x78". This was a top I made during Marge's Super Stash Bowl mystery. Marge runs the Mysteries for Relay site for cancer. I have done a few of her mysteries and I am never disappointed with them. Speaking of which, I need to get back over there and resign on to the list! Won't you join me?? I am counting this as done as I will handsew the back of the binding down tonight while watching a movie with the family. Dan is home right now, so can't work on it until he is gone.

Isn't it amazing how a finish motivates you?? Now with this done, I can't wait to jump into another. I am planning on hand quilting my Giant New York Sunflower top, so I think I will baste that all up next so I have something to work on during tv time or sitting outside time. Being prepared like that is a HUGE part of me getting things done. I will also grab another top and get that pinned and maybe start quilting it. Not sure yet. I am in the mood for piecing, so maybe I will finish putting together one of the tops. Haha..who knows what comes next??!! to go see if I have any more cd's of bands whose name starts with F......


  1. Your son is gonna love that. It's so pretty. Thanks for the picture. If I ever get through all the orders for plarn bags I'm going to get back to quilting. Mine are very simple though, mostly just 4 inch squares on a flannel back.

  2. What a great quilt. I skipped that particular opportunity. Wish I hadn't.

    I usually read your blog on google reader but today clicked over from quiltville. Do you realize you've finished more quilts in half a year than you completed all of last year? Assuming your projects completed for each year is up to date on the side bar. Good for you! I am very impressed! And, I want to be quilting too but it isn't happening right now! Bonnie.