Thursday, June 16, 2011

Thursday night quilting league

I have been so bogged down lately that I haven't had time to sew. I finally decided I was tired of whining about that and figured out what I was going to do to correct that. Tuesday nights are my hub's golf league. He leaves work early, goes golfing and generally dinner and drinks follow. He gets home anytime from 8:30 to 11. So, I created my own quilting league on Thursday nights. I get out of work 2:45, head up to my sewing room and I am officially "not at home". Hub, Joe and Hannah are responsible for making their own dinner, taking care of Patrick, rides for whomever need them, etc. I am at my league and can't be reached! Today is the official start of this league and I am stoked! I will report in as the night goes by.
The best part of this league? I am the only member, so I am in first place!!!

Well, I got the binding on my Star Crossed Love table runner. I got it quilted finally the other evening and now just need to handsew the binding the next time I am sitting in front of the tv. You can find the pattern at Marie Bostwick's site (link is on the right side of my page). It goes with the second book in her series, I believe.

It is raining out so I had to take the pic inside. I really love this pattern. I even love the colors...and if you have seen any of my quilts, you know I am not a brights person. However, I do think I am going to remake this one more homespun fabrics and colors...but only AFTER I get the other 3,000 quilts/projects I want to try done!!! lolol

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  1. Very pretty. I love the colors just because they are bright. Very cheerful!!

    If I lived closer I would request to become a member of your league. HA!!