Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Another Finish

Yay...another finish!!! Not only is it a finish, but it was a UFO I've had sitting awhile, so I am so glad to have it quilted finally. Isn't it just the BEST feeling when you get to remove a project from the "to be finished" list?? This one is going to my soon to be born grandson, Jaxson, formerly known as Blueberry. This pattern is one designed by Marge Gordon at Mysteries for Relay and is called World's Fair. It drove me nuts when I was making it, being only 2 colors, but I am just floored by how it turned out. Just love this one...thanks, Marge!!!!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Day 2 of the Christmas Quiltalong

Nothing Christmasy done yesterday...unless you count the HOURS of thinking about the quiltalong challenge!! I have not yet stumbled across the project I want to do. That's okay..I still have today to mull it over while working on other things! I got these two little quilts done yesterday for Operation Kid Comfort (just have to sew the binding on tonight). Gosh, I LOVE finishes!!! I need more of them in my life!! Remember the pink flying geese units my friend Judy gave to me that were leftovers for a quilt that she was making for a customer? Well, I used up an entire charm pack and got those blocks made: That's not the final layout..I was just playing around with them. To sash or not to sash..what do you think? I am kind of liking it without the sashing. Hmmmmm..... Those pink flying geese STILL were not done, though. I still had a pile left! There were these squares in with the flying geese: So, I started working those up and now have 6 of these done and lots of units left to make more: As a bonus, I now have a box of these pinwheels from the dog ears I cut off the flying geese!! LOL...this was the gift that kept giving!! At this point, I will have 3 quilts made from the flying geese Judy gifted me. I do have to say, I am starting to hate these things!!! lolol Other than some Christmasy, I refuse to work on anything else until I have these things used up and GONE! lolol Okay...well, maybe I might QUILT something else, but I am not starting anything else!!!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Christmas Quiltalong!

Oh, I am sooooo excited!! Hazel from Hazel's Quilts and Joanna from Needle, Thread, Happiness have started up a Christmas quiltalong! Boy, do I need this. I've gotten so much done for the holiday the past 2 years I've done a quiltalong. This year, the ladies have made it a whole weekend of holiday fun, sewing and sharing!! This way, lots of people can join in. You don't have to be here ALL weekend (although who wouldn't WANT to be??), just pop in and join us at some point over the weekend. Sue at Quilt Times has come up with a great quiltalong challenge. There is going to be so much to see and do!! Woot woot! Won't you join us? Joanna is hosting this month, so just click on the link above to get all the official information for the quiltalong. As for me, I'm not sure what to start on! I have a few non Christmasy things I have to finish, I need to start dreaming and planning for Sue's challenge and just reconnect with the friends I've made through the past year's quiltalongs. What a FABULOUS weekend!!!!