Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A little this...a little that

Isn't this a neat shot? Only my Hannah could make a dandelion and flip flops look good! lol

I have the super urge to sew today, but I have so many things to do..and Patrick is being a stinker and not giving me a minutes peace..so I am compromising. I brought cutting mat and accessories down into the kitchen, so I can work on some odds and ends between getting stuff done and keeping Patrick happy.

When she saw my post about looking for patterns for all my shirts, JoAnne (waving atcha!!) sent me a perfect link. It is for a quilt made totally out of 7 shirts. I borrowed this pic from the website so you could see what the design is:

It is over at Life is a Stitch.

Here are my 7 shirts:

I am going to get them all cut out and kitted up between doing my chores. That will be 12 down altogether...60 more to go! lol Thanks soooo much, JoAnne!! This one is PERFECT!

I also am going to try to get my 30's fabric kitted up for this Saturday. I will have 2 of my Cobbled Court online quilting group here for a sew in! We decided on Summer Dreamin' over at Moda. I think I am going to go with a pink/peachy background color. Hmm..not sure yet. So, will go pull the fabrics for this and hopefully get everything cut and ready to go.

Then..as if I really will get any more done... I am going to pull my fabrics for the Summer Mystery going on at Mysteries for Life. This time Marge is only posting 1 clue a week (and she already is on #2) so hopefully I will get caught up on that.

Next then...I have 2 blocks that are to be tested and are due in a few days. Need to get them done!

Next, next then..I want to do 2 more blocks for the Scatty Christmas stars quilt.

I would add more Hobo quilt blocks, but I am going to be doing those in bits and pieces. Whatever I have leftover from the shirts I use for other quilts will be used to make the hobo blocks.

Well, big hopes for this afternoon/evening...I better get going!


  1. Love that shirt quilt - how great is that!

  2. a lot of us did the 7 shirts as a mystery, it was fun, once you make it I am sure you will cut kits from other fabrics for backups. I think this would be cute in 30's