Saturday, December 4, 2010

License to swirl has been revoked

Finished quilting Patrick's Twisted 9 patch today. I quilted it in a swirl pattern, and I still suck at swirls! Sheesh..who'da thunk that making swirls would get the better of me?? The good news is the pattern is busy enough that you don't notice the stinky swirls. The better news is that it is one more thing off my to do list! It is such a dreary, wet day that I couldn't bring the quilt outside for a pic and had to settle for under our covered walkway, so this will have to do for now:

Still have to handsew the binding down tonight. This great pattern can be found at

Oh, here are a pic of the string blocks so far:

There are 26 of them. I am itching to make more, but have to work on some other things first! Good motivation! Off I go to work on more of this past week's list. How are you doing on your list?


  1. I try and try to make curvy machine never comes out right...I am sure your swirls are better than mine

  2. Oh Maureen, I love Patrick's twisted 9 patch! I am sure he will love it! Patrice

  3. are you naming the quilt "stinky swirls"? couldn't tell if you are bragging or complaining (just kidding) I bet that phrase will catch on

    I did a few strings today too! yours are looking good- cw

  4. I love your Twisted 9-patch quilt and I'm sure he will too and even if you think the swirls are stinky I bet he won't.

  5. That quilt is as beautiful as I knew it would be. I can only make straight lines, no swirls for me. I'll bet he won't even notice the swirls. Guys are like that you know. ;)

    I love those string blocks. That is going to be a beautiful quilt when you put it together.

  6. That's what I love about scrap quilts, you can practice quilting on them and they still look great because the wobbles are not noticeable.

    I love how your quilt turned out - can you believe mine is not quilted yet? It's on my UFO list to be finished this year.