Friday, July 29, 2011

Cluck, cluck, cluck

With as much time that has passed since my last post, you would think I would have lots to show you. Nope. Life has kept me busy and for the most part out of the sewing room.

I did get some of this done:

4 quarts of nummy green beans...yay!!!

It is just the start of a great garden season for me and putting up all the harvest will keep me hopping for the next month or so.

I did get into the sewing room last night and got the center of my Farm Animal block swap top all quilted. It was too dark to get a good pic so I just took this little one:

I cross hatched all the 16 patches and each animal block got its own special treatment. Then it was time to figure out what to do with the border. I have probably put more time into quilting this quilt than just about any other I have done. So, I wanted something quick and easy. But wait!!! What was that little thought I had that was wriggling around in my brain? CHICKENS!! The border needed chickens walking around it!! What a great (read that as really dumb) idea!! What possessed me to do this to myself?? I have only been machine quilting for a few years and am NOT good at it. I can do simple things like meandering, but heck..I can't even do swirls!! Dope that I am, I jumped right into the chicken border. Believe it or not..I had a chicken stencil I could use!! (Where the HELL did that come from??) Anywho, here is the start of my chickens on the borders:

The rooster:

The hen:

This is obviously not going to be a fast finish, but too late to change it now! With any luck, I will get some sewing time in this weekend and have a thing or two to cross off that list!


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE the chickens. Reminds me that I have a wall hanging waiting on tiger paws....

  2. Hey, I thought you said you had not been quilting long enough to do chickens. They look fantastic. I really love them.

  3. Wow Reenie! You can do it all! That looks amazing.

  4. Maureen I love it!!!!!! Miss you, Patrice

  5. Rennie - I love those chickens! Where did you find the stencil. What a great idea for your quilt. It doesn't look like a new quilter to me. Great work.

  6. It may not be fast but those chickens are fantastic, well done. I have tried stencils without luck but yours are great.