Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Another box emptied

I canNOt believe it has been 2 weeks since I posted last. Sure doesn't seem like it. Time flew by with the holiday preparations! I had a wonderful, blessed Christmas and hope you did, too! Even though I opened project box #2, I didn't get a chance to work on it at all until yesterday. There was a lot more to finish up than I thought! I did finally get it done today and not a moment too soon. I wanted to make this bigger, but there was just no way my poor elbows could wrestle this heavy quilt any longer. No quilt is worth antagonizing my joints into an RA flare up! I feel like I wrestled an anaconda and lost! lol This quilt finished up at 52"x60". Not sure where it is heading, but I have a feeling it will be to Mercy House. This is going to keep someone VERY warm with how heavy it is!!
And the back:
I really love the design on the back. Can you believe it took 3 of the LARGE spools of thread? I would love to make another one of these someday making more of a color design on the front rather than just the random way I have it now, but that is going to be a looooong time coming. At least until my elbows forget how much this hurt them! lol Tonight I will open project box #3. I hope it is something that will finish up fast. Maybe I can squeeze in one more finish for the year!