Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!!

Easter is a very emotional day for me. When I think about what God did to save me and my sins, it is heartwrenching. I hope you stop today and think about it.

Let's start with this today:

This is a Lover's Knot quilt. The blocks were made by members of the Cobbled Court Quilt Circle from all over the US and Canada. We made them for the husband of one of the member's husbands. They are going through a difficult time right now, so we made a quilt for each of them. We made Friendship star blocks for Patrice's quilt and these Lover's Knots blocks for Joe. Beth put Patrice's quilt together and I had the honor of putting Joe's together. I hope they know prayers and love went into every stitch of this quilt!

We went down to Kentucky this past week to visit my dad. I made a bunch of dishrags on the trip but these are all I have left (gave the others away down there):

I also got 13 basket handles done for my Delfina's Basket quilt:

I need a total of 20, but I only had 13 ready to go.

I wanted to sew today, but so far I have been just puttering in the sewing room. More organizing, cut up a handful of scraps from those overflowing bags of them, etc. Not really sure what I will work on today. So far I am just enjoying this part.

Btw..we had a GREAT time in Kentucky visiting my dad. Just wish it wasn't such a short visit and so far away!!


  1. Love, love the Lover's Knot! Classic and beautiful pattern. Happy Resurrection Day, Reenie!
    Mary Lou

  2. Oh Maureen, We do know how much you all put into the beautiful quilts, You have no idea how much you all mean to us!!! Thanks so very much
    Love Patrice and Joe

  3. I really like how Joe's quilt was put together. It turned out great. I love your handles and cloths you crochet. Happy Easter!! This day means a great deal. Enjoy and Praise!

  4. As I read your post about going to see you Dad, I am reminded of the saying .."The way to a Friend's home is never long." The same goes for going to our parents. The problem is that it is difficult to leave, not matter how long we stay.

    The Lover's Knot Quilt is beautiful. I love the block.