Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Slacker? Not me!

Well, okay..I confess. I DID slack all afternoon. I did not housecleaning, no gardening, nothing but watching some tv and reading a book! I should have kept up the momentum from finishing the wallhanging, but what can I say?

It was actually cool enough today to cook, so we had spaghetti, salad from the garden and garlic bread. Was nice to cook something inside again! After that, we all watched a scary movie..Insidious. Umm..lets just say screams were loud and they weren't all from me!! lol

Then, I decided to keep plugging along on some of my ufo's, so I am quilting my Farm Animal block swap top. These go back to August 2009! Sheesh. Right now I am crosshatching the 16 patches in between the swap blocks and it is taking forever. No wonder I put this off!! Here it is in progress:

With any luck I will get the cross hatching done tonight. Off I go!


  1. Amazing!!! I love it! You keep working at all those projects girl.... we need to sew again. I miss you already!

  2. We get these great ideas and commence to do them... and then we figure out how long it will take us to complete these fabulous ideas. I hear you but you'll like it when it is done. I'm goofing off instead of finishing a quilt on the long arm. maybe a bit later this pm. Nice job on your finishes. B.