Sunday, August 21, 2011

Bumblebeans and the Kitchen Sink

I am "friends" with author Marie Bostwick on facebook. She posted that she got to meet a really terrific lady who has undertaken a HUGE project. The lady is Victoria Findlay Wolfe and the project is Bumblebeansbasic. I won't go into all the details as you can just click on the link to get all the details, but I will sum it up that Victoria needs 400 November! Mind you, that is to add to the 300 she has already gotten! Anywho, Marie and a fellow Cobbled Court online quilt circle member, Carla H, threw out the challenge to the other members of the circle to finish up a UFO and donate it. I jumped in and this afternoon, I pulled out my Kitchen Sink top and got it all quilted. Now I just need to handsew down the binding tomorrow night and off into the mail on Tuesday. Here is the quilt:

The pattern is Kitchen Sink by Kim Brackett in her Scrap-basket surprises book. It measures 57x62. They need all sized quilts. Check it out and donate a quilt or 3!!

So, I didn't get Mercy House or Chunky Churndash quilted like on my list, but I am happy with at least getting one UFO done!

I also didn't can green beans. I did can this:

That is 6 pints of relish, 6 pints of bread and butter pickles and 6 quarts of dill pickles. I have never made any pickles before, so this was way cool for me!! I also made these:

Dilled eggs and cidered eggs. Haven't made those before either and hub can hardly wait to eat'em!!

I got these all done today. The rest of the week I only got 1 set of blocks done for the Scatty Christmas stars quilt, I made my 2 test pattern blocks and made more bowties and got a few of them set in blocks. Hopefully will have more time to work on those this week. I will be thinking about my list for this week and will post it tomorrow. For now...bath, book and bed. Night, my friends!!

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