Saturday, July 9, 2011

Spectacular Saturday!

Today is the Christmas Quiltalong! Yay! I know it is too early to even THINK about Christmas, but honestly..I am sooooo tired of rushing come November to get my Christmas projects made. This quiltalong has been just the best thing for me and I sooo look forward to it every month!

Today will be spent sewing with Kathy and Shellie from my online quilt circle, Cobbled Court Quilters. We all are readers of Marie Bostwick's books and have met up in person and chat online all the time. Btw..have you read Marie's new book, Threading the Needle? It is a MUST read!!! Go get it..I PROMISE you won't be disappointed!!

We will be checking out quilt shops in the morning and then settling in to sew for a few hours. Our project won't be Christmasy, but that is okay. Sharing some time with good friends is part of what Christmas is about! After that, dinner out with the hub and some friends and then maybe..just maybe..if I am not too pooped I plan on quilting my Partridge in a Pear tree wallhanging:

I will be checking in on the other quiltalongers and posting updates!


  1. Have a great time today. My project isn't actually Christmassy today, but it is a present from me to me, so I reckon that counts!

  2. Love the 'partridge' quilt - how fun.

  3. Hope you got your quilting done.

    I am not familiar with the author you mention. I will check it out on Amazon.