Tuesday, July 19, 2011

AccuquiltGo! for sale

After much thought, I have decided to sell my AccuquiltGo! I just don't use it. I used it once or twice here and gave a demo with it at a retreat. I keep meaning to use it, but don't, and my little sewing room is so cluttered that I think it is time for it to go (pun intended! lol) I am going to sell it for $300 and that includes postage. Here is what will be included:

1) the AccuquiltGo!
2) half square 3" finished die
3) 5" square die
4) Drunkard's Path 7" finished
5) Value Die which includes:
4 1/2" square
2 1/2" square
2 1/2" triangle
6) 2 6" x 12" cutting mats
7) 5" x 10" cutting mat
8) 10" x 24" cutting mat

I have priced them online..I think the lowest I saw was Joann's online for $199 (not including shipping and don't forget tax!) The dies alone are an extra $120 so I think the $300 price is fair. You can always make me an offer if you think this price is too high! If you are interested or have any questions, feel free to leave me a note here or email me at spreeeewell8@yahoo.com.

I am about ready to head up to the sewing room, and will decide what to work on. Will update later!!

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  1. I will e-mail you to talk you out of selling! cheryl