Saturday, July 9, 2011

Anyone see a partridge flying by??

Mine apparently has flown away! Went up to sandwich my Partridge in a Pear Tree wallhanging so I could start quilting it, and I can't find it! Now, my sewing room is not big. It IS a mess right now, I will concede that, but all my flimsies are piled together. Sigh..guess this is a major call to CLEAN that room. to look some more!


  1. Your partridge didn't fly by here. I have done the same thing as you more times that I would care to admit.

    I noticed that you are a pharmacy technician. I was one until I retired.

  2. I cleaned my sewing room yesterday. I couldnt handle the mess. Sewing up the Japanese knot bag for mom's friend. (two of the fabrics I bought from Ivy Thimble) Hope you find it soon.