Monday, September 6, 2010

Gumballs, tomatoes and green beans..oh my!

It has been awhile since I posted and that is because I just didn't have anything to report! I hadn't stepped into the sewing room at all in over a week..not since I completed the snowball top. I did finally manage to get in there on Saturday and quilted that snowball top up. I have named this one Gumballs as that is what they remind me of with the bright colors. This one is being gifted to a friend of mine who just had knee replacement surgery. She is an upbeat, friendly lady and this quilt fits her to a tee. Here it is..the binding is only halfway sewn on but will finish that tonight.

After that, I really wanted to make something with some beautiful new autumn fabrics that I had just picked up. So, I started going through some of my books and found this:

This was in the Thimbleberries Guide for Weekend Quilters. I changed it up with my autumnal fabrics and this is what I got:

We also went to the state fair yesterday and had a great time. Last night I canned 6 more pints of diced tomatoes and I am canning a couple quarts of green beans now. Tomorrow I have workmen coming to tear out and remodel my main bathroom, so that means I have to get busy and get a lot of cleaning and organizing done today! With any luck, tonight I will get a chance to quilt my autumn table topper. I swear, everything just seems to be so much better in the world if I can spend even a few minutes sewing!!

Will make more updates later. Hope everyone is enjoying their holiday weekend!!


  1. The gumball quilt is pretty but I love the one with the autumn fabrics. Yours is even prettier than the one in the book. I am finishing up a rag rug using scraps that someone gave me. Then I'm going to start my flannel quilt. It's finally cool enough to even think of working with flannel.

    I know what you mean when you say everything is better when you can spend time sewing. I feel the same way. Of course I'm not talented like you are. My projects are all simple ones.

    Hope you're having a great Labor Day.

  2. Isn't if funny what everyone likes. I prefer the vibrant colors of your snowball quilt. However, the autumn fabrics are beautiful too.


  3. Boy you are quick-your last posting was the picture of just the fabrics for the snowballs and then next thing I know you have it all done-way to go. Love that quilt!!

  4. you certainly have been the colors in the autumn project

  5. You amaze me everytime you do something. I love your gumball quilt. wow. I really like the autumn fabrics and it turned out wonderful. Life IS wonderful with a little bit of sewing thrown in.

  6. I love your gumball quilt. Really cute.


  7. Can I borrow the GO after you play with it first? Congrats on your win- cw

  8. Great quilts

    Love and hugs Gina xxx