Sunday, June 6, 2010

Papa's Surprise Party

Got back a little while ago from New Jersey for Papa's (my dad) surprise party. I was born and raised in Jersey and my sisters still live there. I now live outside of Rochester, NY, so it was about a 6 hour drive each way. We left yesterday morning to go there and this morning to come back. My butt is sooo glad to be out of the van. Papa lives in KY now, so I can only imagine what HIS butt feels like! lol The party was a total success..he had no clue and was soooooo surprised!! We had my 2 sisters and I and our families. Back in 2001, we were all together and took a group shot:

We decided to do that again this year, and got us all in the same spot. So here we are now:

Everyone just LOVED how the Papa's Pride quilt turned out. Here are a couple of pics of Papa checking the quilt out:

Papa and his wife, Dixie, showing the quilt off:

It was a wonderful weekend. I hate that it is so hard for us all to be together, but glad we enjoy the time we do!!!


  1. I'm sure he's thrilled. A beautiful quilt, it is.

  2. I so love this, Reenie!