Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Dog bed done!

Take one ugly pillowcase:

Pin it next to you on your ironing board and fill it up with all those scraps too tiny for anything:

Zigzag stitch the ugly pillowcase up and make a pretty french seam pillowcase and insert ugly pillowcase:

Add one 3 legged Schipperke named Delilah who loves her crate (we don't even close the door..she just goes in there at night and don't EVER try to stick your hand in there when she is in there..FIERCE protection mode then!)..and you get one very happy puppy:

I love using those scraps that I ordinarily would just throw out. Plus, if she gets the top pillowcase dirty, in the wash it goes. If the whole thing gets the wash the whole thing can go! I actually have another pillowcase already filled and the sewing room cats might just get a bed out of that. Hmm..have the feeling that even if I make them one, they will still prefer to sleep on whichever quilt I am working on!! lol
Two things done on this week's list..this and got a bag of scraps cut up. Unfortunately, those were the two quick and easy ones. I might actually have more done if those string blocks weren't so addicting! I have 26 of those done now! lol Oh well..on to the next!


  1. That is a great stash buster idea...and scrap buster! Thanks...and the dog looks so happy!!

  2. Delilah is a real cutie and it looks like she likes her new bed. The string blocks sound like a great way to use up small strips of fabric. Bet they're colorful.

  3. I love this idea! I did see some scraps in there that I would have used in bits and pieces blocks, but there ARE small enough pieces for me to throw away. LOL