Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Sister's Choice

I was gifted 70 vintage 9 patch blocks recently. These HAVE to be from the 60's-70's. Some of the fabrics are, well, ugly! lol That makes them my favorites. I decided to make some of them into a Sister's Choice quilt. Here is the center that I got done yesterday during our snow day (we got 25 inches yesterday!!). Still have to decide on borders for it and it will go to House of Mercy. Wait until I show you what I sewed it on!! Will have to get a good pic and then will upload it!

Sunday, February 14, 2016


Wow. It's been over 2 years since I've posted on here. That time sure flew by. I've missed the blog for one reason...seeing my own progress on quilts. This is how I knew how many quilts I had worked on, what stages they were in, etc. So, here I am again. I'll have to update my lists. There are a few quilts that are finished and can come off the lists, and more than a few more to add to them. I will have to see if I can remember which quilts I finished during that hiatus and post pics of them here. Sigh. It's good to be back.