Saturday, March 13, 2010

Pam's log cabin

I started my weekend great by getting this quilt for my friend, Pam, done last night. She made this quilt for a friend who is dying of cancer. I volunteered to quilt it for her and I know our friend, Jim, is going to love it. (Yes, I pointed out to her that one of her blocks was set wrong, but we figured Jim would expect that of us 2 goofs and would love it more like that! lol)

With that done, I am debating what to work on next. Sooooo many choices, sooooo little time! I think I just might work on a little bit of it all! lol I have all these projects going on that I just LOVE. Usually there are one or two that I am not crazy about, but not this time. That's okay. Rainy and damp weekend here make for a perfect sewing weekend.
Will update progress later!!

1 comment:

  1. I Love the quilt is soooo nice of you two to make it for him......that one block really gives it it own unique personality...that I would call the "Pray Square".......
    Prayers, Bo