Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The room is DONE..whew

Yup..I know I said I was going to do a little each day, but once I started, I couldn't stop. I actually finished it late last night and it was no where near as hard as I expected it to be!

I got a lot of emails saying that the room didn't look too bad. Well, you will see how bad it was in the before and after pics here. The whole room shot didn't show all!

This was to the left of the entrance to the room. On the left is a mound of upholstery samples I was given, there is a bag of jeans there, a small box on top of some projects that are either done or need a little something to finish them off, and the big box is..gasp...SCRAPS!
Right next to that was this:

Buried back there is a bookshelp my Dan made me in high school. Fabric is hanging off the top and there are 2 old pillowcases stuffed with teensy bits to be made into dog beds.

Now it looks like this:

Is that a box of scraps or WHAT?? New rule..every time I step in the sewing room, I have to cut down at least 1 handful of scraps! I completed the odds and ends on those projects and mailed them or put them away, the little cabinet is filled with threads and notions and the dog beds have had pillowcases made to cover them and are being given away.

Next is the old entertainment center. It has no other home so it sits here. Should have been great for storage, but not the way I was using it! See?:

The top..covered in flimsies, fabric from completed quilts that needs to get put away and a box with a project in it.


Then the middle:

One side holds who knows what and the other is hiding bits of batting and it looks like I found an old utility quilt that I have been looking for!


All my WIP's on one side in containers and all my shirts and jeans on the other.

The bottom:

Puzzles and junk!


A box of items for my applique and some tote bags and the other side has all those upholstery pieces!

Whew..worn out yet? That was the worst part. Here is the easy stuff. Next to the entertainment center tucked in a corner:

A knitting machine, the box for my Janome and who knows what else!


A container holding my batting, the Go next to it and a bag of flannel that needs to get cut up on top.

The cubbies themselves weren't too bad, but look at the boxes of projects and all those shirts piled up on top! Also a bag of fabric on the floor waiting to get put away.


Bookcase on top and everything else cleared off..'cept my book cover of Marie Bostwick's newest book and my radio!

And last..my little shelf by me and my machine:

Cluttered with stuff falling everywhere!


All clean!!

I am THRILLED to get this done. I do need more storage, but those aren't in the budget right now, so this will do. I am already chomping at the bit to get going in my newly organized room. I do have to get in there and see what I am going to bring with me to work on next week while we are camping. Ah...and just think..I will now be able to FIND what I need when I need it! Wooohooo!!


  1. Woww, you've really made a difference in there. I got tired just seeing what you had achieved.

  2. Wow, great job cleaning it all up....isn't a clean sewing room the best?

  3. Great Job enjoy it!! Hope it stays that way for a while. Patrice

  4. It looks great. Now you will really crank out some projects. Don't see how you did all of that in one day.

  5. looks great! so glad to see you are keeping the GO. I had friends over yesterday and we cut out a small top in 15 minutes (would have been quicker but we were yacking!)