Friday, August 17, 2012

Quilt entries and other goodies

I entered my Geese Crossing quilt in an online quilt competition and would appreciate it if you would go there and vote for it if you feel it is worthy! The address is : Quilting Gallery There are some GORGEOUS scrappy quilts on display there. Love that eye candy!! Geese Crossing is also entered in a small local quilt show this weekend. I don't expect it to win anything, but it's fun to see something of yours hanging! I finished my floor mat made from the upholstery fabrics. Here it is in its rightful place..under the table! lol
I am definitely going to add some more appliques, but I'm pretty pleased with it. This week I have been working on a display quilt for a local quilt shop, Cafe Sewciety. Just love this shop..and the owner, Judy! I called her and asked if she had anything she would like me to work on for the shop since I have all this sitting around time and I just didn't want to work on the same old same old. She called me right back with this project. It is a big quilt, 98 x 98, and is a BOM called The Mill Girls 1830-1850. I am just about done with the blocks and will be putting it together soon so will show you then. I just love this pattern and bet you will, too! You will be able to order it soon as the BOM starts in September! In the meantime, here is a few pics of some projects I have worked on the past few weeks. A new little herb garden made from a chair from the side of the road and some free boxes at a garage sale:
8 quarts of southwest soup and 14 pints of pickled beets are canned:
There is a lot more getting ready to come out of the garden to put up, so hopefully will have more to show you! Okay, that's it for now. Off to the sewing machine and then will have more sewing pics to share!!

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  1. Had a look at Cafe Sewciety - Judy's got some good things going on there! Look forward to the pics of the BOM quilt you're putting together.

    Was the upholstery fabric tough to work with for your floor mat?

    Now, I need to know about 'southwest soup' - I have a ton of courgette (zucchini), runner beans (don't know what you call these?), French beans (stick beans) and peas I'm picking at the moment, so is that a fit??