Sunday, November 28, 2010

An overdue finish and a new week's list

Well, with all the happy chaos of Thanksgiving (and the worse chaos of Black Friday in which I worked from 3:45 am to 12:30 pm), I did absolutely no sewing until last night. I think it took all that time for me to recuperate! lol I wasn't sure what I wanted to work on last night, but when I moved some things around, I refound my blocks from a swap we did on Homesteading today..I think it was at the beginning of the year. I had put them aside as I was going to make more blocks to make it a big snuggly quilt, but when I was playing with them last night, I decided to make it as is. It ends up being 52" x 52". This was a Tattered Pioneer block swap. So, the pieces are sewn on top of each other with the raw edges hanging out so that they fray and look "tattered". I love the colors, the wonkiness, everything about it. Looks very folk artsy to me! I do still have to handstitch the back of the binding on, but will do that tonight so am counting it as a long overdue finish! Yay!!

I have 2 other quilts ready to be quilted, but wasn't really in the mood to quilt up another one. So, looking around, I found my string bins were overflowing. I have never made a string block, so played around and made these 3:

These were sooooo much fun! I can see these being an addiction. What a great feeling to use up something that I never would be able to any other way..mine are all under 1 1/2 inches wide. So, I can see LOTS of these in my future.

Then I noticed my 1 1/2 inch square bin was awfully full so made some of my first loves:

I will keep making these as my leaders and enders while I sew up some other things. I love these little guys and have all kinds of ideas dancing around in my head for them!

I got the best bargains ever on black friday..I bought NOTHING! lol I do most of my Christmas shopping all year long when things go on clearance (I LOVE working at Target!) and though Joann's is right next door, I knew I didn't need anything and a bargain is only a bargain if you NEED the item. Anywho, here is my list of what I want to accomplish on the sewing front this week:

1) quilt Christmas ornament table runner
2) quilt Patrick's Twisted 9 patch OR Jitterbug
3) cut up 1 bag of scraps in to usable pieces
4) make doggie bed
5) get at least 3 more steps done on mystery

I could go on, but I am trying to be realistic..nothing more UNmotivating than a list that is ridiculous!! How did you all do??


  1. What a great long weekend, even if you got started late! My weekend has been dedicated to quilting to start catching up and I did pretty well - third project is on the frame now since Wednesday afternoon! Good luck on your list this week.

  2. love your quilt and your blocks!!! Your black friday sounds like mine - I managed to get a quilt quilted and half bound this weekend -just lacking the hand stitching -and my "sewing list" for gifting. from a shopping standpoint I was pretty done a few months ago - just some little things to add, some wrapping, and lots of baking!

  3. Sounds like you achieved quite a bit. I agree, a long "to-do" list can be very unmotivating. I always tend to overestimate what I can achieve, and then get really fed-up when I don't get it all done.

  4. I haven't bought anything except groceries since November 1st. I've been buying gifts during the year, a little each month and finishing up items I'm making.

    I love the quilt, that looks like something I could manage. :) The string blocks are cute and I'm going to have lots of strings once I'm finished with the quilt I'm working on. Of course I love the nine patch squares. That's my favorite block to make. :)

  5. Love it Maureen!!

  6. Way to go girl! If you keep this up you will not have any UFOs. I started a circle tattered look block a while back. Just another one of my whenevers.