Monday, July 18, 2011

The list

I was reading Bonnie's blog, Institches With Bonnie, and she had her weekly list up. I love her list and seeing the progress she makes each week. I used to make lists but somehow got out of the habit, so tonight I am starting back with a weekly list of what I want to accomplish. So, here goes:

1) Finish quilting Farm Animal Swap quilt
2) catch up on blocks for Scatty Christmas Stars
3) catch up on Marge's weekly mystery clues..I haven't even started and she is on clue 3, I think!
4) finish basket blocks for Delfina's Baskets quilt
5) start writing up patterns for Allegany Rings and Geese Crossing quilts
6) put together blocks for Summer Dreamin'

There. That is MORE than enough. I feel good having goals listed, though. Nothing like a list to get me motivated!

I do have lots of garden work to get done, also. Here are the first of the canned pickled beets I made on Sunday. Only about 1/3 of the beets were ready, so more of these yummies are in my future!


  1. The pickled beets look delicious. None of our vegetables we planted made it. Lots of the seeds were either eaten by birds or rotted in the ground.

  2. Hey Reenie! that's me! Thanks for the comment and link. And, be sure to add a few non-sewing related things.... like clean the bathroom. Cause you know you are going to do that! Don't beat yourself up to much if you don't get the item done... add it the next week and keep going. Good luck. Bonnie