Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The prettiest sight ever...

...is an empty project box!!
Yay! Boy, do I feel like a big, whiny baby now! It took no time at all to get this top quilted and the binding on. It does help that I did a big, loose, loopy pattern with stars thrown in over the big light areas:
A close up:
The back:
This one will also be gifted to House of Mercy. Hopefully it will have some little boy snuggling in it soon! The work was made much easier with one of my FAVORITE things about Christmas:
I LOVE popping one of these peppermint nougats in my mouth and just letting it melt! My coworkers all laugh at me...they tell me it's "grandma" candy. That's okay..I like'em anywho!! lol Now, I am taking Mary's advice (thanks, hon!!) and rewarding myself with a little piecing. I figure tomorrow is soon enough to grab box #2 and see what is in there for me to finish up!!


  1. Congratulations! It looks great....and I look forward to seeing what is in #2.

  2. Great job! I love it. I also love that you are rewarding yourself. I have to do that sometimes. Ask me about the pond/fish quilt top hanging in my closet.

  3. great job on the 7 shirts project, very nice donation piece. i love those candies too. cw

  4. Maureen congrats,just love how it came out. Those candies look good!! I have never seen them, I will have to check them out!! Patrice

  5. Ooh - nice quilting, Reenie! Rather wish I'd joined my Scatty Stars FMQ quilting like you have here, I'd have a heck of a lot less ends to bury!

    Those nougats aren't my cup of tea - but I guess that they might shut me up a bit...!

  6. The box looks lonely by itself and needs filling up with more projects!! Lovely quilt, never heard of the candies but I'm game haha

  7. Yeah! A finished project. And, you've started on the next UFO. Good for you. Smart move to pick one that doesn't have to be quilted. I'm hoping to finish ANYTHING this month. Well, except the 2 presents I made. Sigh.

    Nice sewing machine... you planning on sewing with it? Just curious...