Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thursday Night Quilt League

Hub tried to convince me that since his golf league was over for the year, my quilt league should be done, also. I told him it wasn't my fault his hobby was seasonal and mine was year round! lol Tonight I finished quilting and got the binding on my Mercy House quilt. Yay!! Feels sooooo good to have a finish. Feels like it's been a while since I experienced one of those. Here is the quilt:
It measures 65 1/2" by 77 1/2". I will get the binding sewn down this weekend and then it will be ready to be delivered. Now, if I can only keep myself from starting anything new and just keep working on some more finishes!!


  1. It looks great! Good luck trying not to start anything new...sounds like no fun to me!

  2. That is a beauty. Someone will treasure that one.

  3. You want to get OH to join you in your hobby....can't have him twiddling his fingers all winter! :0D
    Lovely quilts