Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A finish and some other progress

Finished the Quilts for Kids quilt tonight. It is in the washer now and will be mailed out tomorrow. I am definitely going to request more quilts and will make a few out of my stash, but not for awhile. I need to finish up some of these other projects first.
I also got the next step done of the Jitterbug quilt top done:

Working step by step with Shellie via texts and blogs is turning out to be really fun! I can't wait to do the next part!
Next on the list is the 4th block of the Pinwheel Party:

Last but not least, I got about 1/3 of one of my Mystery #11's quilted. With any luck I should have this one wrapped up by the end of the week.
How did I get so much sewing done? A day off of work! Woohooo! Patrick had his 1 year checkup with his orthopedic surgeon. Last year at this time, my poor boy had 2 rods put in his back to correct his scoliosis. While he has had a lot of surgeries in his lifetime, this was the hardest decision we ever made. After the surgery, we KNEW we were the worst parents in the world. He was in such pain..no one would ever put their child through that, right? Well, we did and we felt awful....for a week. Then he started recovering so quickly...and sat up so straight and tall...and could use his arms so much more because he wasn't working so hard at just sitting up. Within 3 weeks he was yelling at me because he wanted to go back to school! Now, year later, he looks and feels fabulous and this surgery was the best thing we ever could have done. Thank you, Dr. Sanders...and God..for giving us Dr. Sanders!

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