Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The sound of fabric screaming..

..will be the next sound you hear coming from my sewing room! I am bound and determined to kick some fabric butt tonight and make some real progress! I don't know on what yet..but it is going to happen!!

Considering it is probably about 3000 degrees in my sewing room, I deserve some kind of medal, but I figure I will sew, I will go hop in the pool, etc..

So, if ya hear some fabric screaming, no worries..it is just me doing some serious damage!!


Well, not as much done as I would have liked, but I did manage to make 256 Hst's for the remaining 16 blocks for Summer Dreamin':

I also made 2 blocks for 100 Blocks Magazine, but of course I can't show yout those yet!

Now, it is off for one last dip in the pool ( I have been in the pool 3 times since I started sewing tonight!!) and then off to bed!


  1. Kick some fabric in the butt!!! way to go Maureen

  2. I guess I need one of those pools too... too hot to sew in either one of my sewing rooms. Yesterday I cooled off in the shower three times! Your cooling method sounds so much nicer and fun too.

  3. I knew I missed a post. You did kick some butt. Way to go. I need to do this also.