Sunday, February 13, 2011

House of Mercy quilt done

Wasn't sure what to call this, but since I am gifting it to the House of Mercy..there is the name! lol Finished quilting it this morning and will handstitch the binding tonight.

Have a few other odds and ends I want to work on today between the cleaning and snuggling in my new quilt. I REALLY love these Christmas quiltalongs. I get so motivated to get stuff DONE!!

Wish me luck and will update later!!


  1. Ok, I gotta ask...why is it called a Christmas quilt along? Did I miss something? Love the quilt, btw.

  2. Someone is gonna love that quilt.

  3. I think that is even more lovely in this photo than in the previous one.

  4. Wow-stunning quilt there! I didn't get to visit everyone from the quiltalong as I started too late:)

    Love the quilting on the Christmas ornaments too!

    Happy b'day-you got awesome goodies there:)

    Shazy x

  5. They will love that quilt. I am finding blocks that I didn't know I had and trying to follow your example and getting them done so I can gift them out. Thanks for the inspiration Reenie.

  6. Love Love the House of Mercy Quilt.