Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Geese Crossing is done...Hallelujah!!!

This past Saturday, I started quilting Geese Crossing. I got it about 3/4 done, but was sick, so slept the rest of the day away. Today, I got it finished up and the binding machine stitched on. This has been a full year sitting and waiting to be quilted and finished up! What a sense of relief and accomplishment it is to have it done!! It really was nowhere near as bad as I thought it would be to quilt it. Tonight I will get the binding hand stitched on and a hanging sleeve put on it. The quilt store that wants me to teach this quilt at would like to hang the quilt asap. I still am undecided about whether I will teach this class or not. Not going to think about that tonight. I am just going to enjoy this finish! Hannah took some pics of it for me, so here are a few:
Now to write up the directions for it in case I do teach it. Oh..and of course, more projects to finish up!!

Saturday, March 3, 2012


We are having some major wind here in western NY....45 MPH with gusts of 60+ MPH. Compared to the rest of the country, though, I am not complaining!! I am sick....AGAIN. Just a cold, but I am miserable. I have never been as sick as I have been this winter. I do have TONS to get done, so I am popping cold medicine and hunkering down. I figured if I at least start something, it will at least be SOME progress! I am taking the bull by the horns and quilting Geese Crossing. I have put this off for a full year because it's size and weight intimidated me! Here it is squished under my machine:
Did anyone notice where I started quilting this? That is one of my dirty little secrets. I NEVER start quilting in the center of the quilt and work out. That just doesn't feel right to me and doesn't work for me. I always start on the bottom center.I go straight up the center, usually quilting about a third of the quilt and then start at the bottom again and do one side and then the last side. I have never had an issue with doing it this way. What about you? What do you do that you know is "wrong" but works for you? Now off to try to do some more quilting before I need to nap.