Saturday, February 19, 2011

Moving right along

Getting a bunch of odds and ends done today in the sewing department. I got a test block done and submitted and made a block for a friends baby quilt.

I also finished up Pinwheel Party, other than the handsewing of the binding.

I had fun quilting this one and quilted in all kinds of bedtime sayings:

My plan was to donate it, but as you can see, Hannah has claimed it for her own! lol

Last but not least, I took a handful of scraps and got them cut up. I have too many bags full, so thought I would start a little at a time.

Not sure what is next on the agenda, but tomorrow is booked up so I hope to get some more time in the sewing room today. Happy sewing!!

Frugal tip: make your own laundry detergent. Yes...really! It is super easy, pennies per load and better for the environment! Lots of different recipes for it online. Try it!!


  1. I don't blame Hannah, I'd have claimed it too. It's really pretty and the bedtime sayings make it extra special.

  2. Where is your new cutting mat Missy?????

    Love your bedtime sayings!

  3. What a great idea for quilting a quilt that hugs someone to sleep. Hannah is right!

  4. Saw a scrap or two that I recognized in that pile. Hey next time I can cut up my scraps for you.Just need to know what sizes. Love the pinwheel quilt.