Sunday, December 27, 2009

Last Day of Christmas vacation for me

Here is Christmas Lights all done:

Now I am off to make a tablerunner for a friend as a birthday gift. Hopefully it will go together quickly for me.
I do have exciting(well to me) news! My fabric and scraps are now all playing nicely with each other and are all organized!! When I am up there, I will take pics for you to see. It isn't a very impressive stash compared to some I have seen, but I like it! Like it even better now that everything is folded, cut into predesignated sizes and ready to rumble! I really hadn't been in the sewing mood over the holiday (who would be when they have the most amazing family all around to spend time with!!), but I did use small amounts of time to get in there and finish this project up. I swear, I think I could never sew again if I was able to just go in and touch and feel and play with my fabric!
Well, I will check in later, hopefully with lots of pics!!

Frugal tip of the day: Use that water you boiled your potatos in to water your plants. Why just toss it down the drain?


  1. I love the Christmas lights quilt! And thanks for the tip! I will certainly use it! Have a wonderful New Year.

  2. I use my potato water in my gravy when I'm doing a roast dinner.
    Love the quilt by the way

    Love and hugs Gina xxx