Friday, September 18, 2009

Turning over a New Leaf

Have you ever looked at yourself and wondered how it got so out of control? It seems like almost every area of my life I have let backslide. The house is a mess and unorganized, checkbook isn't balanced, lots of UFO's, etc. I have let friendships falter, I'm yelling at my kids too often, spending too little time with the hub and worse of all, I have't stayed very close to God. How does all this happen? When does it all sneak in and why does it take so long to notice??
I don't even know if the answers to those questions matter to me right now. What IS important is that I regain control. I am a chronic list maker, and boy, is my list going to be a long one! First is to get right with God. Nothing else in my life will go right if I don't have that put to rights. Besides, without His blessing and help, there is no way I can tackle the rest!
I am going to start going from room to room, top to bottom and scrub everything, get rid of lots and keep it up until this big old house is DONE!
A big part of our lives here is trying to live more simply and with less. I want to be known as "the cheapskates"..those that do everything possible as frugally and as "green" as possible.
So, now this blog is going to chronicle these efforts as well as my quilting. I will post frugal tips that we are using, progress reports on the cleaning and organizing,etc. I hope you don't mind! Also, I would love to hear any comments or tips that you use!!
I did get the Loopy over You quilt pinned today (Patrick is sick so I had to leave work and bring him home from school...poor poop)so will have finished pics to post soon as well as the directions. Sorry for the long post, but I felt posting all this would help me to be accountable to myself to get these issues under control.
Happy stitching!

Today's accomplishment: pinned Loopy over You quilt top

Frugal tip: Stay home! No temptations to spend at all if I am home! It also has me spending time where I should be spending it home with my family!


  1. Good for you. I go through periods in my life where I feel completely out of control and in a mess. I always feel so much better when I can pull myself together

    Love and hugs Gina xxx

  2. wonderful goals! I look forward to hearing your tips and progress as I work on many of the same things on this end - and try to teach my son that sometimes simple and homemade is best- especially when it is done from the heart!

  3. much love and luck on the room by room. I started that at our house several years ago and am still tackeling it. Every time I get one room the way I want it the over flow from the next room project takes over. I like the 15 min speed clean routine. do a 15 min of clean and get an hour to sew. your number one goal is the best one. be good cw

  4. Good luck on reaching all of your goals. This winter I want to work on decluttering the house. We've got "stuff" everywhere and I'm sick of it. This weekend I'm shipping out a bunch of rubber stamps (that I haven't used in probably 7 years) to a friend. It's a start!

  5. Hooray for you!! I can't wait to see how you do! And for your tips! I already broke the first one today though... over an hour in the grocery store... Ugh!!