Sunday, September 13, 2009

Hard headed

Thank goodness I am so hardheaded! I took a nasty spill yesterday (yes, I am THE klutz of all time) and rolled my ankle and hit the back of my head on the corner of my cement wall. OUCH! Today I have a nice goose egg, a slight headache left and a little nausea. Sigh..could have been so much worse. So, yesterday I just rested, but today I spent the morning deep cleaning the kitchen..walls, ceilings, floors, cabinets, etc. Just did it very slowly. You know how it is..moms are not allowed to get sick or hurt! The youngest two kids were with me when I got hurt and they were so scared and worried about me, so I am going on as if nothing happened so they don't panic anymore.
Anywho, just half an hour more, then it is up to the sewing room..FINALLY! The whole world can be going to hell in a handbasket (or my head can FEEL like it is) but if I can play with my fabric, life is good!! So, hopefully I will have the finished "Loopy over you" quilt top pics up in awhile and then I will start on writing up the pattern for those that were interested. I have to say that that surprises me. I like the stuff I make and/or create, but never in my wildest dreams did I think anyone ELSE would be interested in them. I hope some of you do make this quilt. It was so easy and even as I was making it, I was thinking of a million other versions of it that I would like to do! I would love to see your versions of it.


  1. Reenie! I was so worried about you! Watch that nausea with a head unjury! I hope it is better soon!

  2. Hi Maureen
    You really had a concussion. If you feel nausea/numbness, anything different from usual, go to see a doctor. Don't minimize your symptoms. Evan a mom has the right to be sick, sometimes.