Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Another step closer!

Last night I finished sewing the "Loopy over you" quilt blocks together! Now, I really, REALLY like how this is turning it out. I am already envisioning this done in soooooo many different ways and colors. Tomorrow night will be deciding on how I want to do the borders. So many ideas in my head, it is scary! Here is the newest pic..and yes, I still plan on having the directions, pictures and fabric amounts posted here this weekend. At least it will be if I get it finished!!

I took this pic late at night, so the colors aren't great in it, but good enough for now, I guess!! Happy stitching and God's blessings!!


  1. That is gorgeous -- I look forward to your pattern. Like I don't have enough I want to do already! LOL. But still . . . just beautiful and such a great use of scraps!

    Billye in Florida

  2. I really really really like how it turned out. You do great work!!


  3. I love it! I knew I would! So, are ya gonna do a double border????????

    Can't wait to see!

    Glenda in Ms

  4. Very nice, is this your own design?
    I can see how stronger colors would make it all more graphic, but this is just lovely and the consistent blue really pulls it together.
    I'll check back for the pattern and fabric requirements......thanks

    Happy Sewing

  5. very nice! I love how it is turning out.