Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Aww..the end of summer

Well, tomorrow is back to school for the kids. I can't believe Hannah is in 10th grade, Joe is in 11th and Patrick is a senior this year!! Where did the time go? I just hate this growing up nonsense. We spent this afternoon clothes shopping and then ice cream for a treat. Pumpkin ice cream is now in season..woohoooo!
Going to work on getting the blocks together tonight for the Loopy top. It really needs a new name. Any suggestions?
On a side note, I had a pepper smile at me today. Wish I had taken a pic of it. Cut it open and inside was a big old smiley face staring back at me! I even made Hannah and Joe come look at it. Gotta love vegies with a good attitude!!


  1. Mac! I love the loopy top! The name suits me just fine. Keep up the good work!

  2. I'm with Glenda. Loopy Lou sounds good to me

    Love and hugs GIna xxx

  3. today was back to school for my oldest the younger two have been in school for 2 weeks.

    I like loopy lue