Tuesday, August 16, 2011

List for week of 8/15

I didn't work nearly as much on my projects while we were camping as I had planned, but that is okay because I spent that time doing things with the family and building some wonderful memories! We went on hikes on trails like this:

We also played a ton of board games and ate like there was no tomorrow!

I did manage to finish outline quilting all the petals on the Giant New York Sunflower and started quilting a design in the first set of yellow petals:

Here is my list of goals for this week:

1) test 2 block patterns for 100 Blocks Magazine
2) finish up last 2 sets of blocks for Scatty Christmas Stars quilt
3) can green beans and plant more!!
4) piece together batting
5) quilt second Mercy House quilt OR Chunky Churndash depending on how big the pieced batting turns out
6) finish putting blocks together for Delfina's Baskets quilt

There sure are a lot more projects I could add, but I know I am going to be REALLY busy out in the gardens this week after being gone all last week!!

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