Sunday, August 28, 2011

Get me out of the kitchen!

For someone who hates cooking, I am spending an awful lot of time in the kitchen lately! Today salsa was made, chicken soup made and is being canned now, grocery shopping was done, more cukes and tomatos were prepped for canning tomorrow night, etc. I am truly in awe of how much bounty my little 20 x 20 garden has produced. I can't wait for the second garden to come in and I know my family will be eating well this winter!!!

I did manage to get into the sewing room and finish up all my bowties. I even had time to put them into blocks!

I ran out of the blue sashing material before I had all the blocks I wanted so I am rethinking my quilt. being able to just veer into a different direction when I need to! I am going to play around tonight with the setting and decide if I want to figure out a different sashing or not.

Here is this week's list to get done (wow...actually on Sunday, not Tues! lol)

1) last 100 blocks magazine test block
2) finish up last blocks for Scatty Christmas Stars
3) piece together more batting
4) quilt either Mercy House quilt or Chunky Churndash
5) keep playing with bowtie quilt

Wish me luck!!


  1. I'm lovin' those scrappy bowties!! :-D They are on my bucket list to do; Lord knows I have enough scraps to do some!! LOL Beautiful work as usual!
    Mary Lou

  2. looking good, love little bowties! cw