Sunday, August 14, 2011

Day behind Christmas quiltalong

Well, we got back yesterday from vacation, but it was too late to join in the Christmas quiltalong. I figured that between doing the laundry from 6 people camping for a week, I would try to fit some sewing in. So far I have the first 4 sets of star blocks done:

I, of course, could not find block #5 so Sue graciously just sent it to me. I am hoping to get those done and the rail fence blocks done tonight. Doubt I will get them put together, but any little bit is good!!

We had a wonderful time at the cabin in the woods. We had this right outside our door:

I don't know if you can see it well, but it has a face like Pinocchio on it. The nose is pointing off towards the left, eyes above it and it looks like he is whistling or sticking his tongue out.
Another visitor we had was on Sunday night..a big black bear came right up to our porch! I was sitting on the porch by myself and this guy was so quiet I didn't know he was there until I he was right on the other side of the porch railing! Of course it was 10 o'clock at night and all I had was my cell phone. Black bears in a black forest at night, just don't come out in pics! He wasn't phased when I hollered for my hub to come see him. He just kinda ambled around a bit. Hub put the van lights on to try to get a better pic, but it didn't work. He finally just wandered back into the woods. So, here is my pic of the bear...that no one is gonna believe me really IS a bear!! lol

Hub and the kids got to see another bear crossing a road on Friday night on our way back from a beach party, but I was driving another vehicle and missed that one. After 5 years of going to the park, we finally got to see bears! YAY!

Unfortunately, we also had a bad accident there:

This is what happens when your van loses BOTH brake lines and shoots down a hill BACKWARDS at 35 mph!! The power lines were all down around it, it hit hard enough to break the driver seat and both driver AND the seat were thrown into the back, the front passenger also was thrown into the back and just about all 4 passengers hit their heads on something. God was watching out for us, though, as no one was hurt. The area this happened in, is usually filled with kids playing, cars around, etc..and there was NO ONE around when this happened. Only God could make that happen!!

Despite that, everyone had a great time down there (once the shock and fear wore off). I will post more pictures in the upcoming posts. Now, back to laundry, dinner and then more sewing!!!


  1. Oh my!!!!! So glad no one was hurt - (and I love your photo of the bear!!!) Sounds like you had a memorable week!

  2. Glad to hear you had a good vacation and that the accident only damaged property!

  3. Cripes, that was a close one wasn't it? Apart from that it sounds like you had a great time, although I think if I came face to face with a bear I'd run a mile!

  4. Glad you are back safe and sound.

  5. I love the plaid in your Scatty Christmas Stars blocks! So glad everyone is okay.