Thursday, August 18, 2011


My Thursday night quilt league is getting a late start, but I am so excited about something that is rolling around in my head, I don't care!!! I saw a pic of an antique quilt that I just LOVED and it reminded me of one I had seen that I knew was similar. It takes my old brain a while to kick into gear to remember things, so it FINALLY came to me. It was Bonnie Hunter's Bowdacious bow ties quilt. Yay! I have the book that pattern is in, so I can use a little bit of her and a little bit of me to start this quilt!! Oh, I hope it turns out as wonderfully in real life as it looks in my head! lol

Bad news is...that means items on my list for the week are going to take a back burner tonight. Oh well, there is always next week's list! lol

Will report in soon...hopefully with some progress on my bowtie blocks!!


Here is a pic of some of the scrappy bow ties I made tonight. There are more, but I already got them made into blocks and I don't want to show those just yet. I want to surprise you! So far, I am loving this!! Unfortunately, my mind is still racing and wanting to sew, but after working 10 hours today, my body is saying, "no way, old woman!!" LOL..guess the body wins. Off to book, bath and bed for me. Hope I don't have to wait until this weekend to work some more on this!!!


  1. I truly love the beginning of a new quilt when it is rolling around in my head. Can't wait to see what you've in-visioned? LOL

  2. Bow tie blocks are so satisfying and so easy. What size are yours? I have more to put into a quilt but I might need more blocks to choose from. And, I thought this was suppose to be a leader/ender? Hummmm?

  3. love bow tie blocks.How much do you have?