Sunday, September 4, 2011

Hot blue and toad green..

What do they have to do with each other? Well, absolutely nothing, but those are the colors that are starring in my bowtie quilt. Thursday night at my quilting league, I was sooooo excited to get all the center put together!! Well, all but the corner pieces. Got it all together, laid it out on the floor to take a peek and EEEKK!!! What is this??? It is all puckered and gathered!!!

That is what happens when you try to do math at night when you are tired. You cut the wrong size set-in triangles!!! Arghhh! Of course I do not have enough toad green to make the RIGHT sized ones to redo it, so this morning Patrick and I will be ripping out those set-in triangles and making new ones of a different fabric. Hub is at a golf tournament today, so Patrick and I are declaring today a quilt tournament and we are going to stitch away! All the canning, cleaning and mundane stuff will just have to wait!!

Oh, Hannah and I stopped at Goodwill the other day and look what I got:

7 YARDS of this Christmas batik for $3.99!!! It is going to make a wonderful back for a Christmas quilt top I have. I also got 4 large fleece blankets for $1.99 each that I will use for batting. Gotta love Goodwill!

Off to audition new fabrics for those triangles. Hope everyone is enjoying their Labor day weekend!!

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