Sunday, February 14, 2010

Pinning...I hate pinning!

I really do. I hate pinning my quilts together. I have tried the spray adhesives, but just haven't gotten the hang of that yet. So, today I decided that I have so many UFO's because I hate the next step...the pinning. Once I figured that out, I got two UFO's all sandwiched and ready to go! I would have done one or two more, but ran out of safety pins. This is definitely the way to go for me. Now, when I have some time, just grab one and start! No more procrastinating for me. Hmm...maybe tomorrow I will buy some more safety pins and get a few more of these ready.
The only other sewing bit I did today was to sew the borders on the Barn Raising quilt. Altogether, I am very pleased with what I got done this weekend.
Hope everyone else is as happy with their weekends!


  1. I took a quilting class recently. After pin basting the quilt sandwich, the instructor had us put water soluble thread in the top and in the bobbin. We stitched a grid pattern in the sandwich, removing pins as we came to them. After that it was much easier to machine quilt because I could concentrate on the quilting (feathers, no less!) instead of worrying about running into the pins. Maybe this would work for you? Good luck.

  2. I am with you. I also have a great dislike for pinning big quilts! That's why I bought a frame :)

  3. I hate pinning aswell. Mainly because Stan tries to help and I spend most of my time shooing him off the quilt.
    I've got a large quilt ready to pin tomorrow, I've been putting it off for days but it has to be done.

    Love and hugs Gina xxx