Friday, February 12, 2010

It's a barn raising!

Well, as you can see, I chose layout #2...Barn Raising (thanks to Lydia and Bonnie for helping me out with the name here!) I think #1 was really my very own favorite, but I had the feeling #2 would be the more popular and I was right according to the opinions. Since I was making this one to either donate or gift, I figured I better go with what I thought most people would like more so than what I would like.
It ended up being 64 x 64 (I know it looks longer than wide in the pic, but I swear it is just the angle!). So, now my dilemma I add borders or not? My first thought had been not to. I didn't want to "stop" the movement by doing that, but now I am thinking I might. What do you guys suggest?
I also got one of my mystery #10 tops all quilted and the binding machine stitched on, now tonight I plan on just doing the hand sewing of the binding and then I can cross that off my UFO list. Hmmm...just added Barn Raising to the list while taking mystery #10 off the list. I don't think this is how it is supposed to work!! lol Pics of Mystery #10 top tomorrow when the binding is all on.

Look what wonderful hub got for me!!

Can you stand it?? Look at that pretty, pink, tiny laptop....all for me!! Tom, you are an amazing man. Sure hope I have told you that lately.


  1. It's a good lap size without it - I would pass on the border on this one if it were me.

  2. How about a wide bindng instead of a border. I once did a quilt with a one inch binding and that looked quite good.
    Love the little notebook

    Love and hugs Gina xxx

  3. Barn Raising looks good! I thought you meant hubby got you a box of tissues....I was thinking hmmmmm. I like the pink laptop MUCH better. Enjoy!

  4. I like it without a border.Nice pink lap top.

  5. Hey Reenie -- is that one of the ebooks? about 5 x 7" laptop? Or is it a full size laptop? We got one of the small ones to travel with and it worked really well. Nothing like a new computer to make ya smile! Nice quilt too. Sorry I am behind on my reading of posts!

  6. Well, because you said you're adding borders this weekend, my opinion on the matter is moot by now -- but my thought is that it would be a real pain in the nose (or other body parts) to bind across all those seams. I always tend to add at least a narrow border to tops that have lots of seams along the outer edges. My preference is not to have to bind across a lot of seams. I also tend to prefer most quilts with a border to "finish" them. But I know many older quilts didn't necessarily have them -- or not on all four sides. That's another option -- borders top and bottom to make it rectangular. Just a random thought. I do like it, though -- scraps are wonderful things! -- Lydia

  7. I like it without a border, but Lydia has a good point about adding a binding onto something with all of those seam joints. I guess I'd suffer through it to retain the look. Its a beautiful quilt - can't wait to start mine!