Friday, February 5, 2010

Marge answers my call for help and doesn't even know it!!

Ohhhhhhhh..I think I found my answer to my quilter's block!! I just re-signed on to the Mysteries for Relay email group (I didn't sign up for the last mystery as I really wanted to get more UFO's done) and look what I found!! Marge is having a Super Stash Bowl event!! Click on the link and check it out! Marge has never disappointed me with her designs and I know she won't let me down with this one! I already have lots of fabric precut, and I think I will use some of my 5 inch blocks for this event. I am so excited!! I hope you all join me! While you are there, sign up for the email list and make a contribution so you can join us on other mysteries! With any luck, maybe I will get a UFO AND a brand new top done this weekend!!!

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