Friday, February 5, 2010

I am being tormented!!!

I have the piecing bug BAD!!!! I sooooo want to start something new...something...anything..I don't even have a project in mind. I do really want to make a Light and Dark scrap quilt like the table toppers I made. I also really want to make a quilt with my gorgeous 30's fabrics I have accumulated, but I have been doing so well at finishing some of my UFO's (of which I am down to 10 of) that I really feel like I should keep going at that!! Tonight I will sandwich at least 1 if not 2 of the tops waiting to be quilted. After that..I dunno!!! Arghhhhhh..torment!!
I have spent lots of time poring over my quilt books and online patterns and haven't found one yet that says, "It is sooooooooo time to make ME!!!" I think I would really like to make a basket pattern quilt for my 30's fabrics, but I can't find one that has a round handle. Can anyone help me??? Of course, I will probably change my mind and want to do something else entirely. Why am I being so wishy washy??? This isn't me. Where did decisive Reenie go? She needs inspiration for sure. I feel like I have writer's block for quilters. Is there such thing as quilter's block?? If so, someone send me the antidote fast!!!!

1 comment:

  1. Me thinks your condition might be called MENOPAUSE....don't ask me how I know!

    You will get back into the groove!