Tuesday, January 5, 2010

When the door shuts...open a window!!

Well, I was all gangbusters about pinning and quilting the Favorite Things swap top tonight, but the only batting I had was way too big. I had already purchased those for 2 other tops. Well, since I didn't want to cut that batting down, I decided to put that on the burner until tomorrow. I do work right next door to a Joanne's, so I will just pick up the right sized batting tomorrow.
So, I decided to take out the Christmas swap blocks. I have taken them out a few times, and while I had some nice layouts, nothing really popped at me. I have 22 blocks, but a few of those are duplicate hostess blocks. So..what to do?? Here is a pic of the blocks. I just realized I haven't shared these yet, and I am soo excited about them!!
These two are from Shellie and Dorothy

These are from Sandra and Diane

Teresa and Lillian did these two

Diane and I did these

Patrice and Beth sent these two

Debbie and Jacquelyn created these

Cathy and Pat made these

Sharon and Kathy made these

Marci and Pam made these

So, you can see why I am so excited!! These all are AMAZING blocks and it looks like we all shopped for matching fabrics! Anywho..after playing with them this evening, inspiration hit and I LOVE what I have planned for these guys!! At least it looks great in my head...lets hope it plays out that way in reality!!


  1. They are going to make a great quilt

    Love and hugs Gina xxx

  2. Awesome blocks! I can't wait to see what you do with them! :)

  3. you could go with a a 4 x 5 setting with border strips and setting sqs and use the extra blocks on the back or as pillows. I love seeing how people but the exchange blocks together. Each is always so different. cw

  4. I cant wait to show you mine. Hopefully the end of the weekend.