Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Little History

A friend I went to high school with has come back into my life a few years ago. I really don't see him much, but he does visit with my husband quite a bit at our store. He came over to the house a few months ago while I was sorting out scraps for a quilt and inquired about my interest in quilts. He also noticed the old aprons I have hanging on a rack in my kitchen. He deals with a lot antique items and I think he saw the horror on my face when he told me he uses the old quilts as wrapping for moving furniture and for nothing more. Well, since then, he has sent home 2 quilts and an apron for me through my hub. I will show you pics of them in upcoming weeks. Today I wanted to share the newest quilt he sent home. Here is a pic of it (not very good, I know):

Now, I know it doesn't look very exciting like that, but check out these closeups!:

The center is filled with jungle scenes of elephants, big cats, jungle trees, etc...and this whole quilt is HANDQUILTED!!
Around the center is a border of this:

Flowers and a braid surround the center.
Then comes this whole scene of hunters with spears and dogs on leashes chasing deer:

I really cannot tell you how incredible the quilting is on this! Last but not least for the pictures is this:

The tag reads: Eleanor Beard Hardinsburg KY
Google Eleanor and find out about her!! This is a real find for me. I love the history of quilts and Eleanor and these quilts play a big part in history. Eleanor is credited with starting one of the biggest Kentucky quilt cottage industries starting in the 1920s. At the height of the business, she employed over 1000 people and again, she is credited with the survival of the town of Hardinsburg and the surrounding towns during the depression. The Roosevelts, Grace Kelly, Henry Fonda and the Duchess of Windsor were just a few of the rich and famous who owned these quilts made my mountain women of KY! They were made from everything from silk to cottons. I can't wait to do more research into Eleanor. I think I feel a quilt named for her in the works for me. I can only hope I am up to her standards!!


  1. WOW....
    That could be a quilt that belonged to one of those famous people....and if not it is still Beautiful....
    Prayers, Bo

  2. That quilt is beautiful! What a friend you have! It almost inspires me to have a go at hand quilting, almost. Thank you for sharing this with us!

  3. What a fabulous wholecloth.

    Love and hugs Gina xxx