Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Lamborghini of scissors

Are these not a thing of beauty??!! I have my faithful pair of Fiskars that I have used forever...the Ford Focus of scissors, lets say. Hub, Tom, bought me these for Christmas. Well, he bought me a pair, but they were lefthanded and I am not. lol It took all this time for the store to get stocked up again and today I came home with these. I am in awe. They feel soooooooooooo wonderful in my hand. Just the right weight..and pretty!! These are DEFINITELY the Lamborghinis of scissors! I guess hub was worried about them being lonely, because he also bought these to go with them:

These snips are going to come in handy!! What an amazing hub I have!!
The entire family except for me came down with that horrible stomach bug yesterday. Needless to say, that kept me busy and I was up til about 3:30 this morning watching over Patrick. Since he has cerebral palsy, he cannot turn his head well and if he vomits it can be VERY dangerous. Fortunately, everyone seems to be over the worst of it now and are all resting. So, tonight I finally got the Favorite Things top all pinned and it is now sitting here waiting to be quilted tomorrow.

I have decided that I really want to start working on some new skills this year, so I have decided I am going to do the Bunny Hill Blocks of the Month. The designs are adorable, and there is applique and embroidery involved along with the quilting. I have my blogbuddy, Bonnie, at Institches With Bonnie, to thank for bringing this site to my attention. You can click on the Snowbound icon to the left to check this out. Anyone interested in playing with me on this one??


  1. I adore the scissors and snips and yes, they are beautiful! Tell thee hubs he did gooood!

  2. I'm so glad you found scissors you really like. Isn't that a great feeling? Congrats!!


  3. My mom has those little ginghers and they are the best snips ever! You will love them! Glad to hear the house is on the mend. Hope you get a chance for a nap today.

  4. Ok, I just checked out Snowbound and I am in for that too!

  5. Great scissors. I had a swap pal send me the embroidery/thread scissors and they are fabulous

    Love and hugs Gina xxx