Saturday, January 2, 2010

Still producing..

Well, I went into the sewing room still debating the Christmas swap blocks or the log cabin to start...and I heard a soft little whisper..calling my name...that got louder...and louder...and then LOUD! It was the package of My favorite things swap blocks! (Man...they are BOSSY!) Not one to take talking fabric lightly, I grabbed them and we spent the afternoon together getting them all placed and sewn together. Now that they are a family, they are quiet once again (thank God, because I was going to see if I needed meds!). So, here is a pic of the new "family" done, yet to be quilted:

and another angle (the blocks on top were suggesting I was favoring those on the bottom):

Thanks all that participated in this swap. Can't wait to get it quilted and snuggle under it!! Wait..what was that?? Did you hear it?? Sounded like a little whisper coming from the sewing room......arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


  1. It looks great!!! I may have to steal your idea for the layout! I LOVE IT!!!

  2. Looks like a Happy Family to me.....
    I Love It...
    Prayers, Bo

  3. Love your layout too! I had several in mind and went with the easy one. You are ahead of me on the quilting, mine got put on the shelf till "after a bit".
    I might have to move mine up the list. cheryl

  4. That is really a great layout. Good for you to do first things first... my little voice said Christmas quilit... that baby is going to be big.
    I love it.