Monday, January 18, 2010

Two more steps down...3 more to go!

Yay! Tonight I got the borders on and the backing pieced for the log cabin quilt. Now, tomorrow I will get it sandwiched (was hoping to get that done tonight, but it soooooooo ain't gonna happen!) and start quilting it. Any ideas on how to quilt it?? I have a Janome 6600 to quilt it on and I have only done a few tops with free motion quilting. I really need some ideas!!
All in all, not bad after working a 10 hour day and then cooking dinner, doing some laundry and running errands. Good thing I had Bruce Springsteen and then AC/DC to hep me up and help me get this done!


  1. Wow...I really like the light and darks in your quilt. Very nice. Nothing like some good music therapy to get ya movin'


  2. It has turned out great girlie. I love it. You asked about how to quilt it. I would just stitch in ditch around each large square and then the center red one. =) You could do more on the outside border if you'd like.
    Love it. You have gotten a lot done in a short amount of time.... wow!

  3. the quilt is beautiful. nothing like some good music to inspire great things.

  4. The top looks great! I did a log cabin a while back and found an all over worked well because the top is so busy with so many fabrics. I did loops and stars and it worked well for me. Good luck with whatever quilting design you decide on!

  5. Ah a AC/DC girl. Gemma will be impressed.

    We are off to see a tribute concert to them on Saturday by the band Livewire. They do both the Bon Scott and Brian Johnson set. Should be good

    Love and hugs Gina xxx