Friday, January 29, 2010

Date with an Enabler

So, I am working away at work today and I get a text: You working?
I answer: yes...until 2:30.
Text to me: craft bits and pieces? (local shop with CHEAP craft supplies..including fabric)
Text from me: depends on the is BAD here
Text to me: ok
Text from me an hour later: it is sunny here now if you still wanna go
Text to me: ok..when?
Text from me: 2:45 and maybe we can hit Ivy Thimble, too
Text to me: ok!

After a few hours together, this is what my enabler, who shall remain nameless (cough cough Shellie cough) did NOT talk me out of:

I got a great Thimbleberries book, a book on 1930's quilts, and a bunch of odds and ends fabric at Craft Bits and Things. My enabler..cough Shellie cough...also bought some goodies, but I noticed she spent around 7 dollars..mine was around $18. Hmmm...
Then off to Ivy Thimble..a cute quilt shop in a railroad car. They have the most wonderful assortment of fabric there, albeit expensive. You can find a lot there that you can't find in other local shops. Unfortunately for my nameless enabler..cough Shellie cough..and I, they also have a BIG selection of 1930's reproduction fabric. I LOVE that I have infected my nameless friend (Shellie) with a love for this fabric. We both are still collecting it and haven't started quilts with it yet. I think my enabler (wink wink Shellie) has a pattern picked out, but I haven't found my perfect one yet. We didn't do too badly there. Here is what I got:

A few more quarter yards of '30's fabrics for me and a jelly cake of Moda's Glace. I have a jelly roll of that, and now have some more to work with. My enabler ( whisper Shellie whisper) also bought some '30's fabrics. It was a great way to end the week..with a new good enabler friend (cough wink Shellie), some great new fabric and books and a weekend ahead of me! I have barely touched my sewing projects this past week. I think I got burn out from the log cabin quilt. My new goodies and time spent with my friend have gotten my motivation back.
Now, the best part of this get together was that my enabler ( know who..cough) bought me an early birthday present, even though it is HER birthday in 2 days. Look what she got me!!

Hahahahgigglesnortguffaw!! Finger guards!! I guess she loves me and my fingertips enough to protect them from vicious rotary cutters. Gotta love someone who is practical yet cracks you up at the same time! lol There were two in the package, so I had to open it up and share with her. Enabler also lost part of a fingertip once!
So, all in all, thank you, my dear nameless enabler ( whisper Shellie), for your gift, your time, your friendship, weekend motivation and most of all, a wonderful few hours spent with a dear friend!!


  1. I am laughing so hard I cant stand it... I had a blast my coughing friend... I want to go again. Youre a doll and Happy early bday to you.
    We do have fun in a very short amount of time.

  2. Don't you just love enablers??? Can't blame yourself when they are around!!! lol

    Great buys!! And it sounds like you had a blast!!

  3. LOL!!! So did Shellie get anything? Everything looks wonderful - lucky you have such a good I mean ... enabler!

  4. Shellie is such a bad influence on you

    Love and hugs Gina xxx